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RFID Blocking Security From A Compact Zippered Passport Holder

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Why Do Travelers Trust Zero Grid?

At Zero Grid, we believe that travel can change lives. Like most frequent fliers, the pressure of ever-escalating luggage fees from the airlines and security restrictions brought on by the TSA pushed us to cut down on how much we packed on each trip. Our frequent flights to Europe, Asia, and South America moving from planes to cars to trains also made us wary of over-packing.

That’s why we created Zero Grid: we wanted to make travel accessories for minimalist travelers like ourselves. We design every product we make around these values:

Less is more: memorable experiences are more important than things. Durability is important. It’s hard to replace a wallet or travel kit when you’re in a foreign country. Nothing should be too bulky. Travel gear shouldn’t get in the way. No traveler should suffer from electronic pickpocketing or identity theft. All wallets should have trustworthy RFID shielding. Value matters. Our customers should buy with confidence, knowing that the travel accessory will last for years. When you pack with Zero Grid travel accessories, it’s easier to avoid all the irritation that comes with bringing more than you need with you on your trip. If your goal is to get on the plane with just a carry-on and your personal item, we want to make that easier for you. Cut down on wasted time on the security line and wasted money on baggage fees.

The Zero Grid Passport Wallet is a compact zippered accessory designed for minimalist travel. It has enough space for a single passport, some credit cards, and cash. It also comes with a free travel pen with a durable metal body. This water resistant ripstop nylon wallet is great for active travelers: the zipper ensures that you won’t lose anything inside of it.

The integrated RFID blocking layer blocks unauthorized scanning of your passport and credit cards without interfering with your cell phone service. It’s lightweight, durable, and slim.

We put every product we sell through a rigorous testing process to ensure durability, visual appeal, and function. If a product doesn’t meet our standards, we don’t sell it. If our customers don’t like a product, we take it out of our catalog.

Whether you mostly travel for work or for pleasure, we want to make it easier for you to pack less and travel more.

Compact, Secure, And Portable

Passports are awkwardly shaped. They don’t fit into conventional wallets. Just putting them into your pocket or tossing them in a bag often results in creases and other issues. Getting a replacement passport costs a lot and wastes your time.

The Zero Grid Passport Wallet is perfectly sized to fit into any personal bag or carry-on item. It takes up no more space than it needs to. The folded design keeps its shape naturally whether or not you fill it.

The zipper closure ensures that nothing will fall out of your passport holder if you keep it in a bag or a pocket. Unlike a leather passport holder, the ripstop nylon material is water resistant, stain resistant, tear-proof, and puncture-proof. We designed it to last for years of heavy use.

While intended as a travel wallet, it’s also a great wallet to bring with you to the gym, on camping trips, and other active outdoor activities. The super-durable material can hold up to anything you put it through, keeping your valuables secure and intact.

Passport Holder Made For Minimalist Travel

This discrete zippered passport holder has specially designed pockets for your passport, your additional ID cards, and your credit cards. It holds your passport in place while allowing you to open it up to show to security.

You don’t have to remove your passport from the wallet to open it up, get it stamped, and put it away again. The durable YKK zipper is easy to open and close.

The integrated RFID blocking security layer prevents unauthorized scanning of your passport and credit cards. All recently issued US passports contain RFID chips that can be scanned to retrieve your name, official photo, and other details. Thieves can use this information to open bank accounts in your name, access your existing accounts, and otherwise cause chaos in your life.

The passport holder RFID shielding layer shuts the crooks down without causing you any inconvenience.

This is a travel wallet for people who want to carry exactly what they need and nothing extra to cut down on clutter.

Travel More And Carry Less

Passport Holder carries a lot (including the free travel pen) in a small space. Carry 4 credit cards, your passport, cash, tickets, and more.

This versatile passport holder can be stowed in a pocket, in a bag, or anywhere else you can fit it. It’s lightweight and easy to grasp in your hand. The textured nylon is easy to hold in your grasp.

It’s also easy to keep organized. If you clutter up your wallets despite your best intentions, the design of this compact travel wallet will keep you on track.

Zipper closure
A TRAVEL DOCUMENTS ORGANIZER TO KEEP EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE – Holds 4-10 credit cards, tickets, your ID, money, and other essentials in a compact zipper passport wallet for men and women. Free micro travel pen for customs forms included inside the travel document holder.
SECURITY AGAINST ELECTRONIC PICKPOCKETING WITH RFID WALLET TRAVEL – This RFID blocking passport holder for men and women keeps your private information safe from identity theft while inside the passport sleeve.
**BONUS #1** – EXCLUSIVE $300 TRIP ASSURANCE: In the event items are stolen from this travel passport holder, we will reimburse you up to $300. This travel wallet gives you complete Peace of Mind for your upcoming Trip!
**BONUS #2 ** GLOBAL LOST & FOUND TAGS – Each Zero Grid Travel Wallet includes 2 Recovery Tags from ReturnMe, the world’s largest lost & found company. Stick these on your phone, laptop, camera, passport, etc and their 24/7 call center will help return lost items from anywhere in the world. By purchasing this pickpocket proof wallet from Zero Grid, this service is FREE for life.
STRESS-FREE INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL – Instead of fumbling with multiple wallets and organizers, use one overseas travel wallet instead. The passport wallet also helps to keep your tickets crease-free in your passport protector as you travel. RFID passport holder for men and women. ALSO GIFTABLE! Makes a Great Gift for loved ones who travel or for everyday use.


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