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The Wonder-Roll is the First and Best Self-Inflating Lumbar Roll on the market.
The Wonder-Roll, designed by a Physical Therapist, decreases strain and relieves discomfort, makes any chair ergonomically correct, counteracts poor posture and is impressively comfortable.
Perfect for Office, Car, Home or Travel.
With a twist of our special self-inflating valve, the Wonder-Roll fills with air automatically and gives you the option to adjust the airflow, allowing it to conform to your spine for the perfect fit.
Unique, Versatile and Easy to Use, the Wonder-Roll deflates to be carried in a bag, purse or backpack.
A Problem… A Solution… It’s that simple… The Wonder-Roll: Software for your Back!
How can using the Wonder-Roll help relieve my back pain, and prevent future back problems? Over 70% of the United States population experiences back pain during their lifetime and most have experienced back pain within the last 3 weeks; this is why the Wonder-Roll was invented.
The majority of people think sitting is a restful position, but clinical research has shown that sitting creates increased pressure in the discs of the lower spine. The problem is made worse by slouching in our chairs, which most people tend to do. The majority of chairs produced lack adequate lumbar support which can contribute to slouching. Prolonged and repetitious slouching can increase strain in the lower back causing damage or injury to spinal discs. The Wonder-Roll prevents slouching by supporting the natural curve of the lower back when sitting. Lower back support when sitting also encourages forward tilting of the pelvis area. When supported correctly by the Wonder-Roll the discs and joints of the lower spine are aligned in a position which mechanically is less stressful, and can help prevent future injury and pain.
RELIEVES LOW BACK PAIN – Have the right lumbar support for you to make your back feed better
INFINITE ADJUSTABILITY – The pillow adjusts to the amount of support and firmness you desire
FITS YOUR BACK – Press and mold the pillow to produce your desired contour of comfort and support
EASY PORTABLE – Simply roll or fold it to fit it easily inside your pocket, briefcase, or purse


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