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aeris travel pillowaeris travel pillow

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Unlock your ability to get restful sleep while you travel in airplanes, trains, and in cars! Finally, you can truly enjoy traveling, knowing you will be comfortable and supported for a restful experience! The secret to getting rest while you travel is using our AERIS travel pillow kit! The super soft memory foam is made from the highest quality visco-elastic foam compression that responds slowly to pressure— thus creating a perfect cradle for your tired head.

Plus, the included sleep mask and ear plugs help block out uncomfortable lights and sounds that make it hard to sleep. Enjoy the much easier way to sleep while you travel!

neck support travel pillowneck support travel pillow

Here’s What You’ll Receive:

1 Memory Foam Travel Pillow
1 Removable Velour Pillow Cover
1 Travel Pillow Carrying Pouch
1 Eye Sleep Mask
1 Set of Ear Plugs

neck pillow for airplane travelneck pillow for airplane travel

How To Get Comfortable & Pain-Free Sleep On Airplanes

Are you tired of jolting awake when the plane lands, only to find that your neck is locked painfully at a 45-degree angle on your neighbor’s shoulder? We’ve all been there, right? It’s the worst trying to nestle our drowsy heads into the corner between the chair and the window, or reclining as far as possible and hoping we don’t roll over onto the man in the aisle seat. It can feel next to impossible trying to relax on a long flight.

The good news is there is finally a comfortable, easy, and game-changing solution for you!

The Aeris Travel Pillow is a portable, bendable, luxurious, and compact way to travel in comfort and style, no matter where your travels take you! This innovative neck pillow not only features a plush cover that will quickly drift you into a dream state, but it is also made of memory foam to give you the much-needed support and comfort you crave on those long flights.

train travel neck pillowtrain travel neck pillow

A Few Reasons You’ll Love Your AERIS Travel Pillow

Adjustable Toggles Shape the Pillow to the Specific Contours of your Neck.
Highest-Quality Visco-Elastic Foam.
Foam Compression that Responds Slowly to Pressure.
Create the Perfect Cradle for your Head.
Compact and Convenient— The Size Shrinks to Half its Size in the Portable Bag.
Detachable and Machine-Washable Plush Cover.

memory foam neck pillow travelmemory foam neck pillow travel

Enjoy Complete Comfort While you Travel!

Some people avoid neck pillows for travel because they are bulky, poorly made, uncomfortable, or overly-expensive. However, with our premium AERIS Travel Pillow you get quality, compact, total comfort, and affordable!

If you’re tired of being tired and miserable after your airplane journeys, then join the thousands of people who have already taken their travel experience to the next level with the Aeris Travel Pillow!

✈ #1 BEST COMPACT TRAVEL PILLOW! Easily fold up your AERIS Neck Pillow, and bring it with you anywhere! It comes with a BONUS travel bag to carry it. Your travel pillow packs up small, and doesn’t take up a lot of room in your carry on. Plus, it has a velcro strap to attach to your luggage so that you don’t have to worry about dropping your pillow, and getting it dirty. Or, having the inconvenience of walking with it around your neck— like other u-shaped pillows.
💤 MOST COMFORTABLE NECK PILLOW + FLEXIBLE DESIGN— If you want a travel pillow to hold your head up in total comfort and support, then you found the winner! Our Aeris Travel Airplane Pillow is the most comfortable travel pillow you will ever own. It makes sleeping so much better while you fly!
✈ EASY TO CLEAN WITH REMOVABLE COVER: Did you know that the outer pillow cover is made with extremely soft velour fabric, and is removable? Now you can easily remove the pillow cover after you travel, and wash it in your washing machine!
✈ REVOLUTIONIZE THE WAY YOU TRAVEL WITH OUR COMPLETE TRAVEL SET! If you are ready to travel in complete comfort and relaxation, then you will fall in love with our Aeris Travel Pillow Set! It comes with an eye mask, ear plugs, and compact carrying bag for your pillow! Enjoy using your pillow at home browsing the net, watching TV, reading a book, relaxing in a regular chair, and traveling in cars, buses, trains, and airplanes.
🎁 PERFECT GIFT IDEA! Do you know someone who loves to travel? Our high-end travel pillow set makes a great gift for family members, friends, and commuters of all ages! You can use it laying around your house as your daily pillow, or take it backpacking, or even take it to school to nap between studies or at work!


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