Mart 11, 2020 2 Yazar: Travel Perfect

Rotterdam is a city waiting for those who want to see the world’s largest but greatest port. Rotterdam’s name comes from the river Rotte and has the largest area of the city in the Netherlands. But as a population it comes in second place after Amsterdam.

Rotterdam, which had shown extraordinary resistance to German forces during World War 2, was destroyed at the end of the war and within 20 years the city was rebuilt and restored. Of course, there are tourist attractions in Rotterdam. So where are we going to go?

Cube House

Let’s put aside those who are looking for a different architecture, because there’s something interesting here. The traditional Cube has emerged by placing the house several metres high, leaning at certain angles.

In the mid-1970s, 3 of these houses were built for the purpose of experimentation, and in later times the number of them increased to 18. In later times this number was 39.


If you’re looking for a high build, Euromast may be what you’re looking for. Built between 1950 and 60 years later (1970), this structure was added to its present appearance. The height of the tower is 184.6 meters.


If we say Erasmus Bridge, it would be more understandable. And it’s impossible not to see this place, which opened in 1996, because it stands in the middle of the city. Of course, in addition to a different design, 139 meters height and 802 meters long, this structure has a close examination of you can gain different angles of view.

Construction cost 75 million euro part of this bridge was made in the form of a bascule bridge. The Erasmus Bridge was inaugurated by Queen Beatrix.