Metropolis in the north: Moscow

Metropolis in the north: Moscow

Şubat 29, 2020 Kapalı Yazar: Travel Perfect

 I don’t think its wrong to call it a cold land. Moscow is a place that bears witness to many historical events and  is one of the most  important centers of Eastern Europe  in cultural, political and economic issues.

With a population of more than 10 million people, it is home to the Ostankino Tower and Federation Tower, the tallest structures in Europe, as well as the capital, which is the northernmost part in the world.

Although we said it is cold, this city is has a thriving tourism  volume and is also the largest city in the world whithout a beach. Moscow, which has a rich architecture has been capital of 5 states. These are the Russian Tsardom, The Moscow Knezlik, The Union Of Socialist Republics, The Russian Empire and present day Russia. In this place, which has a very advanced transportation network, 9 railway station, 4 international airports, trams and subways can easily reach the city.

The city has many academic institutions, theatres, museums and is therefore home to scientists and artists. %40 of Moscow the city with the most green areas in the world, is covered with forests and green areas.