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Ranked on the global city list with a population of more than 1.5 million and popularity, Manila is the Philippines ‘ second capital city after Quezon City. Manila, which has become an important Center in economic and cultural sense, has been occupied by the United States for a long time and is the 2nd largest city in the world.It was devastated during World War II. But despite this, it has managed to reach its present level of development. So where do you visit in Manila? if you say so, I can show you a few places.

Fort Santiago

It is a castle built in 1593 for the purpose of defense by Miguel Lopez de legazpi, a Spanish governor when Manila was newly founded. It is one of the historical structures important to the Philippines.

National Museum Of The Philippines

The National Museum of the Philippines, where archaeological, cultural, ethnographic artifacts are exhibited, has been in existence since 1901.

Manila Ocean Park

It has a capacity of 14 thousand sea creatures and 277 species. Through a corridor with a curved glass ceiling and glass wall, you can spend time with sea creatures. Fish Spa, underwater diving and glass-bottomed boating are among many other activities in Manila Ocean Park. There is also a hotel called H2O.