Şubat 29, 2020 Kapalı Yazar: Travel Perfect

One of the first places  that comes to mind when you say to travel is of course Istanbul. This city, which has been chosen as the capital of culture in the past years, with its roots extending to the old historical periods and its enormous geographical location is really worth seeing.

The first human traces date back thousands of years, there is information that they were the first settlements named Chalcedon on the Anotolian side and Byzantion on the European side.

The oldest accessible name of Istanbul is “Ligos” in the Greek language. It is known that a city state and colony were established here by the Greeks. Of course Istanbul has not been referred to by a single name in the history process. In the later period, “Augusto Antonino” in the early Roman period  “Nova Roma” and “Constantinapolis” in the Byzantine period were reffered to as “Konstantiniyye” and “İslambol” in the Ottoman period.

Of course, it was inevitable that it would host many different cultures in this flow. In Istanbul, which has a population of moren than 15 million people today, there are large companies such as Ford, Turkish Airlines, Shell-Turca, Trump Towers and their structures.