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Located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki is the largest city and also the capital of the country with a population exceeding 600 thousand. Helsinki bears this title because Finland is the country with the northernmost capital in the European Union. Organized by the Summer Olympics in the 50’s, it was selected as the World Design Capital (2012) in the field of design.

Helsinki, founded in the 16th century, was at first a small town. For a long time, the city suffered such a difficult time because of diseases, wars and poverty, but by the 18th century, Helsinki began to experience improvements that would be good for it.

As the Royal Academy of Turku moved to Helsinki and the University of Helsinki was renamed, The Grand Duchy of Finland moved here, the developments in the field of industry and the railway in the field of Transportation, Helsinki began to develop.

Sports, media, entertainment and finance are among the important areas in the country. Helsinki, which has the second busiest passenger port on Europe, also has high-speed trains.