New York

I suppose if we ask where the capital of the United States is, Washington will be the answer, as well as New York will be the answer. That’s how impotant New york is. Its a city that is popular both in the USA and worldwide. One of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world, New York or NYC, has a global urban nature.

Since the city was founded by the Dutch, its name was New Amsterdam. However, when the United Kingdom came under its domination, it took on the name New York. The city was used as the capital for 2 years when the United States was first established.

New York/ Manhattan

New York is a place word giants in education, economics, entertainment, commerce, research and much more. It is home to the United Nations headquarters, which is of great importance for diplomacy.

In terms of Tourism, 40 million tourists come to New York City annually. Here are a few of the places you can visit in New York.

  • Empire State
  • Central Park
  • Top Of the Rock
  • Times Square
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Grand Center Station
  • Chrysler Building
  • One World Observatory
  • High Line
  • Ellis Island