Manchester, which is the 6th most populous city in the country, is located in the northwest region of England. This was not a city of great importance until the 18th century. It was actually a town. However, with the establishment of the Bridgewater Canal, Manchester’s growth process began. And it became the first industrial city in the world. The city also plays an active role in the areas of architecture, culture and the Arts, showing itself with the Manchester United team in the football sector.

In this city, which is also developing in the scientific field, Einstein tore apart the atom. This is also the city that had the first railway. Manchester, the 3rd largest economy in the UK, is also heavily visited by foreigners.

The first name of the city of Manchester, which covered the castle and surrounding settlement dating from ancient Rome, was Mamucium. You can see many historical buildings in this city.

Places to visit in Manchester :

  • Main Library
  • Chetham Library And Hospital
  • Old Trafford
  • Science And Industry Museum
  • Manchester Central Library
  • ─░mperial War Museum North
  • Greather Manchester Police Museum
  • Museum Of Transport